"These automations took us from $120k/yr to $480k/yr and replaced 4 VAs"

ATTENTION: Busy Agency Owners: 

Automate your business, save 20-30 hours per week, get rid of fulfillment stress, & turn your business into a profitable, enjoyable experience

Workflow automations that save you 20-30 hours of manual labor & headache per week (or you donโ€™t pay)

Our automations earn you $100k more per year (or you don't pay)

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Where Most Agencies Struggle...

Hiring More People

They add teams of VAs to handle project management and other admin or customer service tasks, but this cuts into profit and still takes management time.

Then, their VAs have internet problems, they forget things, they get lazy, they quit (or get fired)...and the cycle starts again.

Hiring More Expensive People

When their team isn't as diligent as they'd like, they assume they just need to invest in more expensive people.

This cuts into profit margins and naturally limits scale.

The reality is, even perfect delegation is no match for automation.

A Lack of Automation Expertise

Some companies simply don't know what automation is capable of.

They think they're limited to simple Zaps and integrations between off-the-shelf tools. 

But the most profitable companies don't just connect tools, they use automation to do complex decision-making, quality checks, project management, and more.

We Automate Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Book your call

Book a free discovery call at a time that's convenient for you.

We'll diagnose your business operations and goals, then identify the highest ROI automations to that'll take you to the next level of scale.

Step 2

We build your automation

We create both the workflow structures and automations that enable scale for years to come, while integrating with tools you're familiar with.

Then, we support you while you use it, and continue automating away bottlenecks one at a time.

Step 3

You save 20-30h per week

Your biggest bottlenecks are automated away.

You'll save 20-30 hours per week on operations and fulfillment, and be able to add an additional $100k in revenue MINIMUM, per year. 

Example Business Systems We've Automated

Cold Email Automated Inbox Management

"yeah exactly, itโ€™s all volume. Itโ€™s an SDR that always follows up on time. Never misses or forgets"

This system eliminates "unsubscribe" and auto-replies, and sends a phone notification an interested reply is detected.

So, they check the inbox JUST when they need to (increasing speed of replies for interested leads, and saving unnecessary inbox checks). 

Then, it classifies the prospect's response (ask about cost, hired another agency, forward to a colleague etc), to create a draft reply message based on the client's SOPs.

Interested reply messages are parsed to detect phone numbers, which are updated in a CRM.

Each prospect automatically gets enrolled in a follow-up sequence (with draft replies automatically created), so an inbox manager can customize the reply before sending. 

Time is saved, more calls are booked.

Freelancer Ranking & AutoSuggest

30% more accurate than a project manager (and instant)

An agency with up to 90 projects per day has a team of 50 freelance writers. Project managers were in charge of manually determining which freelancer to assign a project to.

We automated this decision by creating a calculation that determines the suitability of each writer (and suggests a writer to send the project to) based on:

  • size, complexity, and due date of the project (ie: required workload)
  • detected topic for the project, and the complexity of that topic (does it require a specialist in the topic, or can anyone do it)
  • denied projects in the last 24h, and vacation/sick time (ie: day to day availability)
  • historical confirm/deny rate, historical output, response speed, lateness, and quality (estimate long-term capacity and adjust over time)
  • experience level (new freelancers are prioritized for easy projects to ramp them up, but more complex projects are only assigned to senior freelancers)

The automated system makes decisions in seconds (vs hours), reduces stress levels for project managers, and makes more accurate availability predictions (auto-assigned projects are 30% less likely to be denied by freelancers, and 20% less likely to be late)

Upwork Lead Gen

"Oh wait...so now I don't have to hire someone??"

This agency client was checking Upwork for new opportunities multiple times a day. They told us they try to reply to a job within an hour, as their win rate is far higher (the prospect is still logged in to Upwork, and hasn't received a lot of replies yet)

This Upwork automation checks for new jobs every 5 minutes (that match the needs of each of their clients), and notifies them ONLY when a job is detected that matched their client's specs. 

It supports A/B testing of proposal messages, tracks replies and calls booked, and generates status reports showing clients how many jobs are being applied to on their behalf.

All this means more calls booked for clients and higher LTV, while saving hours per day.

What Sets Us Apart

Time-Saving Automations

That Unlock Your Next Level of Growth

Paired with these benefits...

Save time

It's not just your team's time we save...it's the time you spend managing admin staff, updating SOPs, and fixing human error.

Save money

Our automations replace people entirely, reduce their hours needed, or simplify complex tasks so even lower-skilled people can execute them successfully. Scale with higher profit.

Simplify your operations

We restructure your systems so your business is easier to run, add automated checks so you don't have to worry about forgetting things, and automate tedious tasks so you never have to worry about updating SOPs, or managing unnecessary people.

Unlock infinite scale

Our automations are built to grow with your business, so you have confidence you'll blast through plateaus keeping your competitors stuck.

Happier clients

Our automations help you create faster and higher quality results for your clients. This means higher LTV, referrals, and glowing testimonials.

Expert advice

Whenever you have a systems challenge, we're there to provide guidance and other automations that can solve it forever.

"Our revenue went from $120k per year to $480k per year, with profits almost tripling during that time. Our team has grown from 4 to 50+ people, and we're able to manage it all (despite huge seasonal fluxes up to 90+ projects per day) thanks to these automations.

Ryan has been an invaluable asset both in terms of the automations he's created, and the ongoing consulting he provides.

I was honestly thinking about closing my business before I found him, and he's helped make my agency less stressful to run, and also far more profitable."

Tom Hricik

Founder @Arcon Research - Content Agency

Our automations save you 20-30 hours per week (or you don't pay)

What's Included

Custom Workflow Automations for Your Agency

Here's What We Do For You...

Integrate your existing tools

We integrate with as many of your existing tools as possible (Asana, Slack, Google Sheets, Gmail, etc), and only suggest changes when it's necessary to meet your long-term goals.

Full transparency

Our solutions may be sophisticated, but the tools themselves are simple enough for your team to manage if you so choose.

You always get complete ownership of the custom solutions we create for you, so there's no mystery.

Foundational engineering principles

We use the same automation methodology for your business that we've used over the last 10 years for billion-dollar manufacturing companies like Nestle, Mars Chocolate etc.

So, you know your system is robust and built to scale over time.

Our automations save you 20-30 hours per week (or you don't pay)

Meet Ryan

I'm a Mechatronics Engineering graduate (robotics, computer science, mechanical engineering) from the University of Waterloo in Canada. 

Right after graduation I cycled across Canada (all 7,500 km of it, coast to coast), then got a job for an engineering consultancy -- I was in charge of designing, creating, and implementing process automation software at the manufacturing facilities for several billion-dollar companies (Nestle and Mars, pharma companies, coal processing, and so on). 

In other words, I designed, wrote, and tested the code that made the factories run. Code I created is now in use in factories in the United States, Canada, China, England, and Switzerland.

Later I got into entrepreneurship, and started hearing about business operations processes others were struggling with...

Entrepreneurs I met told me about their struggles scaling their businesses. They'd found product-market fit, but their fulfillment wasn't efficient enough to continue scaling.

They thought they JUST needed the perfect hiring process, more people, or the right management strategy..but I realized the problems they had were processes that should just be automated.

These fulfillment tasks SOUNDED complicated to the founders, but they were a lot simpler than the multi million-dollar manufacturing processes I'd already automated.

Once I created automations for a few of them, they started getting INSANE results (like going from 80k/yr to almost 300k, getting rid of VAs, and so on...simply because their biggest fulfillment bottlenecks were automated.

The rest is history.


You've got questions...

What tasks can you automate?

Generally, we automate fulfillment admin tasks (ie: daily/weekly admin/project management tasks you'd hire remote staff to do for you).

Except in special cases, we don't automate lead gen or social media tasks (as there are plenty of off-the-shelf tools that do a great job at this), but focus on things that happen after you make a sale.

We also only automate things that a human being is ALREADY doing (because then we know if it was automated, it would still be useful to keep doing for months or years to come, and we can easily quantify the ROI of automation). If you're not sure if a task would be valuable at all, we recommend you have your team do it first to make sure it's beneficial to your business.

Every business is different though (which is why the first step is to book a call with us below).


How can you guarantee $100k additional revenue per year?

That's what we've seen from our clients already (ie: $300k+ more per year is not uncommon for the right business).

However, you DO need to qualify for this guarantee.

We only automate processes that are done by people already, and we can only offer this guarantee for businesses with an existing product/market fit, sufficient inflow of customers, and who are legitimately constrained by operations/fulfillment.

(ie: it's unlikely we'd be able to help a business doing $5k a month get an additional $100k/yr, as you likely have a marketing/sales problem, not a fulfillment problem)


Do I need a well-documented SOP first?

It won't hurt, but it's not necessary. If you've already got someone else on your team doing a particular task, chances are you've got SOME procedure in place (even if that procedure is in someone's head).

That's all we need.

It won't help us for you to spend hours or days updating your SOPs though, because computers/software needs slightly different levels of detail than humans are used to (so, don't delay this conversation with us just because you think your SOPs need work)


Can you automate my lead gen/sales process?

That depends highly on what your lead gen process is. Please book a call so we can learn more.


Can you automate (task X) we have?

Most likely, yes. If a human can understand your process, and it's repeatable, using tools available via the internet, chances are we can automate it (even if you're not sure "how it would work").

Generally we can replace 80% or more of anything repetitive you'd have a $1500-2k Virtual Assistant do.

Book a call so we can learn more about your needs.


What technologies do you use?

We typically use Make.com for workflow automation (as it can handle far more complex use cases than Zapier), and integrate with the tools you use for email (Gmail, another email provider etc), and project management/task tracking tools like Asana, Google Sheets, AirTable, Trello etc. 

The most important part is that we understand what your business does, the volume of clients you deal with, and your operational challenges. We're not tied to one specific tool, but rather, will recommend tools that will meet your needs today and scale with you in the future.


Our $100k/year Guarantee

You'll earn $100k more per year with our business automations (either because of staffing/overhead costs saved, additional revenue, or a combination), or you don't pay.

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